What Are the Most Common Reasons People Take CBD?

According to a 2019 survey by Consumer Reports, about 64 million Americans have tried CBD in a span of just 24 months, making this plant-based molecule a hot topic for anything interested in holistic health and wellness. With more than 25 percent of the country saying they’ve tried CBD – and 1 in 7 of those reporting using it on a daily basis – it’s no surprise that everything is talking about CBD.

But what is CBD, and is it something you should add to your regular routine? According to plenty of consumer feedback, odds are that you’re likely to benefit from trying CBD for yourself. Here is a handy guide to the basics of CBD, including the most common reasons people take CBD:


What is CBD?

CBD is the shorthand term for cannabidiol, one of hundreds of plant-based molecules called cannabinoids found within the Cannabis plant genus. The genus includes a variety of specific species including hemp, all of which contain varying combinations of cannabinoids. One of the reasons CBD has become so popular is that it does not create the feeling of being “high,” an effect produced by THC, another cannabinoid. Also, as reported by the World Health Organization, CBD doesn’t show any signs of being addictive.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and then used to infuse an extensive variety of CBD-only products, including topicals (like creams, balms, and salves), capsules, oils, tinctures, edibles, and more. If you’re considering CBD, you can bet that there’s a CBD product that perfectly fits your lifestyle.


Why Do People Take CBD?

Consumers have reported an impressive variety of benefits from CBD, and surveys show that there are many different reasons people decide to use CBD. Because CBD and other cannabinoids engage with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, scientists are learning more about the potential therapeutic reported gain – many of which consumers are already eager to take full advantage of.

Here are just some of the common reasons people take CBD:

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety. Whether consumers are dealing with everyday stresses or diagnosed anxiety issues, many report that CBD helps them manage their symptoms. According to Consumer Reports, nearly 40 percent of CBD consumers said they specifically chose CBD to help them relax and handle stress and anxiety. More than 60 percent of those reported feeling that CBD was an effective method of reducing their symptoms.
  • Improving pain. The second-most common reason for CBD use reported in the same survey was pain reduction. About 25 percent of respondents said that they used CBD to help joint pain, which makes sense considering the scientific studies correlating CBD with reduced inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep. Since such a significant percentage of surveyed consumers said that CBD helped them relax and battle stress, it’s no surprise that ten percent said that CBD was a useful sleep aid.
  • Many other uses. CBD has a mile-long list of consumer-reported uses that are only expected to grow and diversify as further studies are conducted.

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