Atomizers: All You Need to Know

Atomizers, you know those handy little, strangely-titled mechanisms involved with electronic cigarette function? They are essentials for vaping, and they really do amazing things. Want to learn more about them, what they do, and why they’re so darn important? Keep reading!

What are e-cigarette atomizers?

Atomizers are the element of the e-cigarette that do the work of vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid into those powerful hits of vapor. There are three parts to an atomizer: the heating coil, the wick that absorbs the liquid, and a mesh bridge. The atomizer needs to be immersed in liquid for it to perform properly and avoid overheating.

Do atomizers last a certain amount of time?

Yes, typically between 2-4 weeks, depending on how often they are used, unless you are using a cartridge, in which case you will get a new one each time you change an e-cig cartridge.

How can you tell when they need replacing?

Several indicators can signal the atomizer needs to go. Sudden leaks, a lag in performance, lesser vapor production, or even diminished vapor production can all be signs you’ve got to replace the atty!

What kind of maintenance do they require?

None really. Because atomizers do not last very long, they simply get disposed of and replaced.

Are atomizers safe?

Yes, entirely! They are encased within the cartridge and the exterior of the e-cig or vaporizer, so you need not worry over getting burned or starting fires with them! South Beach Smoke atomizers are designed with an added precaution, an automatic shut off that goes into effect if the device turns on accidentally or you take too powerful a drag.

So do you now understand what atomizers are and why they’re necessary? Gotta love ‘em; there’d be no vaping without them!