What is CBD?

CBD is showing up in everything from vape juice to smoothies, and everyone is talking about the so-called plant-based powerhouse. But what is CBD, and why exactly has it become so popular? If you’re considering trying CBD for yourself, or just want to know a little bit more about this trending chemical compound, we’re taking a quick dive into the basics of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is the commonly-used term for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the Cannabis plant family. This plant family includes the well-known marijuana plant, but it also includes the hemp plant, from which CBD is often sourced. CBD is an active ingredient in a wide variety of products including creams, oils, vape juice, edibles, pet products, and more.

How is CBD Made?

Because CBD is a naturally-occurring compound, it doesn’t technically have to be produced – rather, it’s simply extracted from the hemp plant. Typically, a solvent-based extraction process is used to isolate CBD molecules from other plant materials, so that it can be utilized in a wide range of CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD includes other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals, while CBD isolate is simply

Is CBD the Same Thing as Marijuana?

No. While CBD is sourced from members of the Cannabis plant family, it primarily comes from hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant. Unlike marijuana products (which contain THC), CBD does not produce psychoactive effects and is generally categorized differently according to law.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD is legal as long as it meets the federal requirements outlined by the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD products must contain 0.3 percent or less THC, sourced either from industrial hemp plants (or non-psychoactive hemp). The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from its classification as a federally controlled substance, but cannabis (and THC) is still considered a regulated substance – so if your CBD products contain THC, your purchase must abide by the marijuana laws of your state.

Common Types of CBD Products

When you’re looking for CBD products for sale, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there. However, CBD products can generally be organized into a handful of categories, and understanding your options makes it easier to find the ones that will best suit your needs:

  • CBD concentrates, CBD oils and CBD tinctures are made using CBD extract and a carrier oil, packaged in a bottle with a dropper for convenient use.
  • CBD edibles include candies, lozenges, brownies, and other products to eat, each one infused with CBD.
  • CBD vape oils and cartridges are designed to be used with a vape device, providing a similar experience to standard vaping with the addition of CBD.
  • CBD topicals are products designed to be applied directly to the skin, including creams, salves, balms, beauty products, and more.
  • CBD capsules look just like regular vitamins or supplement capsules, except the active ingredient is CBD.
  • CBD pet products include CBD oils, edibles, and CBD topicals for dogs and cats.

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