What strength e-cig is right for you?

One of the many reasons that vaping has become so popular in recent years is the freedom and flexibility that electronic cigarettes offer. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, you're not limited to one flavor or strength. Before you invest in one of the Deluxe Starter Kits available at South Beach Smoke, or even choose a disposable electronic cigarette to give vaping a try, consider your needs as a smoker so you can make an informed decision.

Heavy smokers
If you're used to smoking a pack of traditional cigarettes per day (or more), then you'll want to choose our bold-strength e-cig cartridges. The nicotine juice in these atomizers contains 24mg of nicotine, and are the strongest cartridges we sell. Even if you're used to smoking a pack of tobacco cigs every day, you could find these e-cigarettes to be a little stronger than you're used to, depending on your brand. However, the rich, satisfying taste of our nicotine juice and the strength of these cartridges will exceed your every expectation.

Moderate smokers
Maybe you don't smoke a full pack every day, but you might be more than a casual smoker. If this sounds like you, consider South Beach Smoke's full-flavored strength e-cig cartridges. These atomizers contain 16mg of nicotine, offering the perfect blend of strength and satisfaction to please many smokers. This type of atomizer is also a great choice if you're trying to cut down on your nicotine intake, and switching from bold to full-flavored can be a natural transition if this is your goal.

Casual or social smokers
Only smoke when you're out clubbing with friends or enjoying a drink at home? Then either our light (12mg) or ultra-light (6mg) cartridges will hit the spot. E-cigarettes with these strength atomizers will still provide you with the same satisfaction as our stronger cartridges, but contain significantly less nicotine, making them ideal for casual or social smokers.

Of course, maybe you simply enjoy the flavor and sensation of vaping and don't need any nicotine at all. If this is the case, try our zero-nicotine e-cig cartridges. These atomizers contain no nicotine at all, but you can still enjoy South Beach Smoke's wide range of fun flavors, including cherry, vanilla, peach and even pina colada! For a more traditional taste experience, choose our tobacco gold, tobacco classic or tobacco blue flavored e-cig cartridges.