What to Choose? E-Cigarettes, Disposable E-Cigs, or Vaping Pen?

Not sure what you want when buying e-cigarettes? Confused at all the available options? Wondering if you want e-cigs, a mod, or disposables? The following is a look at the basics of all three types, so you know what you’re looking at, and what you might be getting into! E-cigarettes can be an amazing addition to your life if you’re switching from using tobacco, however one of the keys to success with them is finding the right style.

Deluxe E-Cigarettes

-Very similar to traditional cigarettes, especially in looks.

-Easy to use, discreet design, and small size makes them very handy.

-Great performance, great vapor production, great battery life.

-2 battery sizes to choose from.

-Large selection of accessories available.

-5 Starter kits to choose from.

-Cartridges are easy to use, easy to change, and each lasts about the length of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.

-Some people take longer than others to adjust to these after switching from traditional cigarettes.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

-More advanced performance.

-Very large vapor production.

-Takes some adjusting to if you’ve never used e-cigarettes before.

-Longer lasting batteries, so you don’t have to deal with running out of power.

-Larger cartomizers, which hold the liquid, so it lasts longer.

-You can use our amazing e-liquids with them, which can be custom blended.

-When using our e-liquids, you have 30,000 different flavor choices.

-A more advanced vaporizer means you get bigger, fuller throat hits and vapor.

-The South Beach Smoke Air is very attractive.

-Using liquids is more economical than traditional cigarettes and refill cartridges.

E-Cigarette Disposables

-Easy 1-piece design.

-Each lasts about the same length as 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

-Use them straight from the package.

-No charging, setting up, or using cartridges.

-Only available in 2 flavors.

-Pricier than 2-piece e-cigs and vaporizers if using exclusively.

-Perfect for traveling or keeping as backup.

So that’s the rundown with the three different types of electronic cigarettes we carry. Plenty of benefits to each, a few challenges depending on your style, and each entirely wonderful in their own right. Here’s to choosing the right vaping device! Vape on, everyone!

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