What Vaporizer Starter Kit Should you Get?

Our selection of e-cigarette vaporizers is vast and if you find yourself at a crossroads when selecting a vape pen starter kit, here are some pointers about each of ours that might make choosing a kit a little easier.

If you’re considering a vaporizer starter kit, some of the things you want to consider are power, the versatility of the device, how much you want in the way of customization, which accessories you want, and of course price. Here is a look at each of the models we offer, and why each one rocks!

South Beach Smoke Air: Great price at $29.99 for the starter kit, this can’t be beat as a phenomenal point of entry into advanced vaping. This advanced vape pen is compact, fits in your palm, and has no shortage of style. If you like things modern, shiny, and very efficient, this is an awesome vape.

South Beach Smoke Curve: A ladie’s vaporizer, this model combines feminine style, awesome power at 650 mAh, and comes in a nice array of colors. $49.99 is the price of this starter kit, and it’s a really affordable way to have a stylish, and powerful vaping machine.

South Beach Smoke Thunder: A tower of power and a slew of rad performance capabilities round out this dynamic APV! While it is pricier than our other kits at $99.99, the Thunder is a force to be reckoned with. It boasts 1300 mAh in power and a 1.7 ml tank.

South Beach Smoke Storm: A 650 mAh battery and a 2 ml tank, the Storm gives you high-performing power and a simple setup. The quality is all there, as well as the style. This kit goes for $49.99 so you get a great pen for a great price, plus all the necessary parts to complete the picture.

So there you have it! Hopefully this makes selecting the vaporizer starter kit of your dreams a little simpler! Starter kits make starting up a whole lot easier since you can save a few dollars as opposed to purchasing everything individually, plus everything comes ready for you to work with; saving time as well. If you’re not sure where to start, check our Custom Vaporizer Builder that will help you create the perfect mod. Get ready for vaping like you’ve never experienced!