What Will the Future of Smoking Be?

There’s no getting around it; if the future of smoking is without a doubt electronic. It is predicted that within a few short years, more people will be smoking e-cigarettes in favor of traditional smokes, as tobacco continues to be replaced. Wouldn’t you choose the healthier of the two options, if the sensation was the same? Tobacco has been problematic from the beginning of its rampant use. Commercially produced cigarettes saw the market skyrocket, and at one time tobacco was the champion cash crop of the United States, until cotton took precedence.

The war on tobacco has been going on for a long time now, especially when it comes to the marketing geared towards youth. Cigarette companies have long targeted teenagers and even children, utilizing every possible attempt to make cigarette smoking seem attractive, glamorous, cool, and macho. Thankfully, the majority of this marketing has been reduced to an extreme minimum, and children and teenagers are more aware than any previous generation how terrible cigarettes are.

Electronic cigarettes are much more in tune with the way modern people are living. Most people do not have the time to sit back and smoke cigarettes lazily, dealing with ash trays and the litter that follows. Cigarettes also pose the problem of not being accepted everywhere, and it can be quite a burden to be constantly searching for a place to smoke or where you feel comfortable smoking without creating a burden on others. With less and less people smoking, most do not want to inhale second hand smoke! The majority of people are also constantly pressed for time and do not have any to waste. All of these small reasons really begin to add up, and it really is hard to have to set aside so much time and exert so much energy planning just to accomodate a smoking habit! E-smokes are not just easier to use because they are smoke- and mess-free, but also because of the many options you get with e-cig accessories,  you can tailor your vaping to fit your life! E-cigarette cartridges are also much simpler.

When you vape, you simply vape. Second hand smoke, or any smoke for that matter, lighters, ash, butts, and feeling self conscious all the get thrown out the window (without littering) because they simply become a thing of the past. Simply put, e-cigarettes are the future of smoking because people want more simplicity to focus on the things that really matter. People (smokers) want the same freedom as nonsmokers, without the trouble of offending others.

The future lies in our hands, and a future that involves cleaner, healthier, more conscious options is a whole lot brighter than the doom that lies is tobacco. With more people opting for vapor cigarettes over traditional, it’s pretty safe to say we are headed in that direction.