What You Need to Know For Vaping While Traveling

Traveling and vaping work quite well together, and most certainly better than traditional cigarettes. Here are all the goods you’ll need for vaping when you’re traveling, and how to make it go as smoothly as possible.

What You Need:

E-cigarettes: Good luck vaping without them!

Chargers: You’re going to need to charge your batteries somehow if you are using standard e-cigs and not disposables. A wall charger for when you’re in your hotel room, and a Portable Charging Case (affectionately known as the PCC) for when you’re running around can be a simple yet easy system. Of course, if you have your computer with you, a USB charger can be just as versatile as a wall charger.

Cartridges: Figure out how many you typically go through in a day or two period, figure out how long your trip will be, and pack several extras in case you have delays or need them.

Accessories: Certain accessories you may use on the daily, and others maybe not. Depending on the type of trip you are on, you may find that purchasing a PCC, Lanyard, or Carrying Case may come in extra handy.

Disposables: Some people opt to use only disposable e-cigarettes when they are traveling because they allow for so much convenience and freedom, even more than traditional cigarettes and regular electronic cigarettes. They need no charging, no set up, no cartridge changing; they’re ready to vape straight from the package. If you’ve never tried them, they would be great to bring along; convenience goes far when traveling.

E-Cigarette Travel Tips:

Prepare ahead of time. Anyone who does any amount of traveling knows the importance of planning, and making sure you cover all your bases.

Know what you use; don’t bring e-cigarette gear just because you think you’ll use it. Lanyards, Portable Charging Cases, and extra chargers are smart, but only if you are going to use them. Otherwise they are excess baggage.

Understand the rules and regulations of the area you will be in. Spend a little time researching before you travel, so that you know ahead of time if the city or country you will be in has any smoking or electronic smoking bans.

E-smoking while traveling doesn’t have to be complicated; and it can surely be much easier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Plan ahead, pack what you need, and simplify: your trip will be that much better and more satisfying as a result!