What's in Your E-Cig

What’s in Your E-Cig?

Do you ever put much thought into what’s in your electronic cigarette? Do the ingredients play a role in the brand you use? For some people, it’s extremely important. They analyze ingredients, and know what they want. For others, it’s a different story. If it works, that’s all that matters. Skeptics always question what goes into e-cigs and e-liquids, so here’s a look into what’s in ours!

Electronic Cigarette Variables

With e-cigarettes, there are a lot of variables, such as the liquid you use. Vape juices are not all created equally, and there are many different factors that can make or break the experience. All e-smokers are concerned with flavor, vapor volume, throat hit, and not having leaks and having to deal with anything unpleasant. Nicotine strength is a whole other story, and as you are probably well aware it varies from 16 mgs to 0 mgs, and it usually takes up about 10% of the liquid composition. 10% will be made up of the flavoring, and the rest consists of water and either PG or VG.

What’s in Your E-Liquid?

Two things you will hear e-smokers talk a lot about are PG and VG in their liquids. What does this mean? Well, these ingredients are components of the ingredients, and help create the vapor. They carry the active ingredients (nicotine and flavor, along with water) and they help produce that wonderful, smoke-like cloud you desire.

The South Beach Smoke Method

South Beach Smoke uses glycerin in their e-cigarette cartridges, AKA vegetable glycerin, or VG. Propylene glycol has gotten a really bad rap over the years and it’s one of those ingredients that can be avoided. Many people are sensitive to it, and it’s better to offer products that will work for all. It isn’t the most natural substance, and why use it if you have other options? Glycerin, however, has a great track record for creating exceptional vapor volume, in large amounts, and is completely safe and natural, without causing sensitivities.

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When it comes to choosing, the choice is yours. The decision to go with e-cigarettes over traditional is always a wise one, and having quality products that work well for you can do wonders. Isn’t it better knowing what’s in your e-cig?