What’s So Great About E-Cigs?

To those who do not smoke cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, the allure of e-cigarettes may seem lost on them. “What’s the point?” Some may ask. And others may not get what feels good about either. Well, here is a look at why people smoke, and why if you are going to smoke, using electronic cigarettes is the better way to go.

The Feeling

This is the most important part of smoking, as it is a sensory experience. When vaping, you hold your e-cigarette to your mouth, puff and inhale as you would if you were smoking a traditional cigarette, you feel the hit of the vapor, taste it, and then exhale it.

The Sensations

The feeling of vaping occurs on several levels. There are the pleasant sensations that come from feeling the heavy vapor hit the back of the throat. There are the different sensations associated with different flavors; such as menthol and peppermint leaving behind their tingly feelings. There is the sensation of simply holding the e-cigarette and using it; if you’ve smoked for any length of time, you know how it can often be about the hand to mouth habit. When it comes to sensations, vaping is such a simple thing that is loaded with feel-good properties.

The Nicotine

And then, of course, there is the nicotine. No matter which level you prefer it to be at, nicotine feels wonderful. Some will say it is the very best part of smoking altogether. When you vape, you have the immense benefit of having isolated nicotine, so you can enjoy it without the burdens of tobacco. Nicotine has the ability to calm you down, and soothe your nerves, and this is one reason many people find it to be a stress reliever.

The Flavors

When you vape, rather than smoke tobacco cigarettes, oftentimes the sense of taste becomes more apparent. Traditional cigarettes, because of their tobacco and smoke, can interfere with your ability to truly taste things, so over time after switching, recovering the sense of taste is very common among e-smokers, and it comes as such a benefit because e-cigarette flavors are virtually unlimited! With our custom blending, the amount of flavors available to our users is nearly limitless, and enjoying the pleasures of their sense of taste is simply fantastic!

Still curious about why vaping feels good? We encourage you to give it a try! Beyond tobacco, vaping allows for endless pleasure, tons of options, and a world of sensations: get ready!