What’s the Deal with a Vape Cough?

Coughing while vaping? Thought it was only a tobacco thing? Well, here’s what it’s caused by and why it’s happening. Luckily, vapers cough is typically a temporary thing, as opposed to a smoker’s cough, which tends to stick around for the long haul. Fortunately, a vape cough can be controlled!


When vaping, you should generally drink a lot of water. In fact, everyday life calls for at least 6-8 glasses, so drink up. You aren’t getting real water intake when vaping; as it is vaporized, and the act of vaping can make you thirsty. So, if a bout of coughing hits, first thing you should do is drink some water.

Nicotine Strength

Not having the right nicotine strength can contribute to not only a big fat bout of coughing, it can also provoke a sore throat, and the wonderful feeling of nausea. If you think this is a possibility, your nicotine strength may be too high so try decreasing it. Our range of nicotine levels ranges from 0-24 mg, so don’t think you’re limited on options!

Fix Your Flavor

We offer some 30,000 different e-juice flavors, and it can be a wee bit overwhelming on those sensitive little taste buds if you’re just converting to the vapor side. It happens quite frequently, y’all! If that’s the situation you’re faced with, stick to something familiar, like tobacco or menthol flavors and wait for your sense of taste to acquaint.

Hitting the Vape Like a Cig

Vaping and smoking are two different beasts, and hitting them requires two different methods. Long, slow drags can cause coughing, so be warned. Sure, you are dragging and inhaling, but with vaping you should be taking short, quick, 2-3 second hits, unlike with the long, slow drags of smoking.


Allergies sometimes happen as a result of the PG used in most e-liquid formulas, and this can cause coughing. PG is the part of the liquid that creates a strong throat hit, though for some people it doesn’t agree with their systems. You may need to try a different liquid altogether.

So, when it comes to a vape cough, know there are direct reasons behind it, and fixes for it. It’s most likely not a permanent thing, and can remedied with some adjustments. Vape on and vape happily, my friends!