What’s the Deal with Millennials?

There is so much talk these days about millennials. What they’re doing, what they’re eating, who they’re hanging out with, who they’re hooking up with, where they’re working, where they’re headed, what they’re into, and most of all, what they’re buying. Yes, this current generation in the spotlight is one big example of the times we live in. They are the first generation of the digital age, and the first to truly show what a digital childhood is equating to in adulthood.

What this amounts to for us in the e-cigarette market, is quite a lot actually because this age group makes up a great percentage of our customers. When it comes to vapers, the precocious, digitally-minded generation of millennials is heavily into electronic smoking. Considering they’ve grown up in the age of gruesome anti-tobacco ads and electronic/ digital everything, if they have an option between analog and digital, nine times out of ten, they’re going to go digital all the way.

Another factor to consider about this generation is their attention to detail and desire for design. They’ve grown up coveting iPhones and other sleek digital products all their lives, so hot tech items, such as our gorgeous advanced vaporizers, have been a mainstay. However, they truly do understand good design, as if it’s part of the gene imprint, and they will not fall for just pretty objects; great performance and function have got to be there too!

Case in point: South Beach Smoke is the perfect brand for millennials looking to vape, with high style, awesome performance, and all the tech-savvy innovation they crave. And hey, considering these are our customers, we love millennials! We love that they love our quality, and we love that our products totally resonate with them. You demand innovation, and we’re more than pleased to put it out there. While they’re chasing the next big thing, we’re happy to be creating it! It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and we fully embrace these hipsters who embrace the smoke-free era.