What’s Your Favorite Apres-Sex Vape?

Alas, the going’s good has gone.

You’ve both peaked, and are now immersed in that delightful afterglow. You reach for your vape pen, while she reaches for her e-cig and you enjoy those calm moments wrapped in clouds of delectable vapor. Each have both similar yet different flavored liquids – now but a plume of succeeding effervescence hanging overhead.

You compare clouds, and then realize this conversation has all the makings of “round 2.” Except, it’s more dialogue than double time – for now. And then she pops the question: “So whatcha vapin’?”

Content, you live in the moment – if for a moment or two. After all, she’s beaming and you don’t want to kill the moment. Otherwise, you stand the chance of jeopardizing that 4:30 time slot extending your Saturday afternoon, meaning a 2nd round is all but inevitable.

Throwing caution to the wind, and an exhale to match, you reply, “sweetness almost as smooth as you.” Translation: Coconut Dream, and a well-played choice at that. A juice not only rich in flavor intensity and finesse, but one that certainly satisfies while setting the tone for even more indulgences. What better way to get your heart rate up and a smile on your face than with good old fashioned lovin’ and ridiculously good flavor? The two work remarkably well together! This, my friend, not only earns you mad style points, but an all-expenses paid intro to the promised land of overtime and body-moving goodness.

So set that vaporizer aside, Rico Suave, and take care of business. Your next moment of zen is waiting.

Of course, not every bed-rocking jolly of a good time may be as well scripted as this. We can’t always be that guy, and depending on your level of bravado, perhaps that’s a good thing.  Nevertheless, always remember to pack your unit, loaded and ready to go. Because when you’ve got that look of a winner and a workout to prove it for your next cool down, dare we ask; What’s your favorite apres-sex vape?