Choosing the Right E Cig

As little as five years ago, many American smokers had no idea what electronic cigarettes were or how they worked. Today, however, vaping is becoming increasingly popular across the U.S., and last year, more than 2 million smokers tried e-cigs in the U.S. alone, according to the CDC. Even if you’re familiar with e-cigarettes like those sold at, you might be wondering which starter kit is right for you.

Not a care in the world
Many smokers are hesitant to commit to an entire starter pack if they’ve never tried vaping before. That’s why South Beach Smoke now offers disposable electronic cigarettes. It couldn’t be easier to get started with these e-cigs, as they don’t require assembly or have rechargeable batteries, making vaping simple. Each disposable South Beach Smoke e-cigarette is equivalent to around two packs of traditional tobacco smokes, so you’ll get plenty of value for your money and enough time to enjoy the refreshing, cool vapor of our electronic cigarettes before you’ll have to toss them away.

At just $39.99 for a pack of four or $74.99 for eight, our disposable e-cigarette packs are ideal for first-time vapers, and you can use them straight out of the box. Simply sit back and enjoy the extensive range of delicious flavors – we’re confident you won’t find a better electronic cigarette at a better price.

It takes two to tango
If you’re already hip to the joys of vaping, you might want to think about purchasing one of our other starter kits. The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit is one of our most popular packages and comes with everything you need to get started. Ordinarily retailing for $79.99, our Deluxe Starter Kits are priced at just $59.99 as part of our fall promotion, and they come with cartridges equaling between 14 and 16 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes, making them exceptional value for your money.

Alternatively, if you and your special someone want to try vaping together, our Deluxe Couples Kit Combo packs are perfect for two. This kit comes with two of everything you’ll find in the Deluxe Starter Kit, such as SuperMax batteries, USB and portable wall chargers, car adapters and 20 cartridges/nicotine atomizers, so you’ll never have to share your favorite flavors again.

Whether you’re new to vaping or just want to take advantage of the amazing deals at South Beach Smoke, we’ve got you covered.