South Beach Smoke Eco Friendly Cigarette AlternativesElectronic cigarettes are more eco friendly than tobacco cigarettes in many ways. From their very roots- what they do- to where they end up, vapor cigarettes have a far lighter carbon footprint than their combustible counterparts. If you have the option to choose greener products, do you?

-They are made to be reusable. With the exception of disposables (which are longer lasting and still morem sustainable than tobacco cigarettes), they last a very long time, and only e-cigarette cartridges get changed out according to the smoker’s usage.

-They aren’t a landfill burden.

-E-cig cartridges are not easily to be strewn on the ground, and unlike cigarette butts, users tend to be more conscious and not litter. Cigarette pollution is an international issue, and few things cause as much pollution.

-They are simply a healthier smoking option for smokers. Healthier = eco friendly.

-Cigarette butts are a threat to wildlife and they take an exceptionally long time to biodegrade. As they decompose, all of those disgusting chemicals found within them are left to drain into soil and bodies of water.

-No air pollution. While it is minute, one cigarette at a time, it adds up with so many millions of smokers throughout the world.

-If using indoors, there is no indoor air pollution.

– They don’t contribute to the ills of the tobacco farming industry. Tobacco isn’t just a plant that gets harvested and put into cigarette paper. The industry of farming tobacco is not one of American agriculture’s high points. The amount of fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals used is atrocious. These chemicals linger on the plant, and go with it into the cigarettes. Which then get smoked, and into the lungs and bloodstream of those who use them. No proof that it’s dangerous, but the idea isn’t very appealing. E-cigarettes contain no plant matter, and are not made with any such chemicals.

As you can seen, electronic cigarettes are a world apart from traditional cigarettes, and they much better for our world. Isn’t it time you tried a starter kit, and kicked the pollution, negative health affects, and the eco-dangers to the curb for good?