Who can forget Katherine Heigl demonstrating how to use e-cigs on David Letterman? She did it with total fabulousness, and even got Dave himself to give them a try. Since that infamous evening, she has been spotted on more than one occasion smoking electronically, and she has been a very outspoken proponent of how amazing of an alternative they are. When e-cigarettes first hit the market, celebrities instantly saw the appeal and got on the bandwagon fast. There has always been a romance between tobacco and celebrities. And while they have romanticized their use on behalf of their images, the times have certainly changed in recent years. These days, smoking cigs don’t do much for your image other than make you look out of touch. Being healthy, being responsible, and being conscious equate to intelligence, and electronic cigarettes fit the bill entirely.

No one is more aware of their image than celebrities are. Not to say they’re all totally narcissistic and self absorbed, but they have to meticulously plan every move they make when it comes to what they look like. They are in the spotlight, and can be photographed at any given moment. People always look to see what they are doing, wearing, and taking inspiration. Being caught looking good is always good for their careers, and anything less is always a problem. So when celebrities start doing something a little out of the ordinary, you bet it catches some attention. Hence the e-cigarette movement, AKA the future of smoking! Another reason e-cigs are perfect for the stars is because in LA there are tons of smoking restrictions everywhere. Not only does smoking tobacco cigarettes make one look very uncool, it’s also illegal.

South Beach Smoke is no stranger to celebrity fans. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Moss, Charlie Sheen, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Farley (JWOW), Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Adam Sandler (among others) have been seen smoking our e-cigs, and it’s simply because they are the best out there. Even royalty can be found indulging with South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes! It was reported that a friend gave the duchess a South Beach Smoke starter kit as a wedding gift!