How Do Vape Pens Work?

South Beach Smoke How Do Vape Pens Work?To answer the question as to why electronic cigs work: it is because they have been designed to use technology to allow smokers a better way to get nicotine. Vaporized nicotine works just like the nicotine from tobacco smoke, but better. Here is a deeper look at how electronic cigarettes work, and why they do what they do to provide a safer, more enjoyable smoking experience. No one needs smoke anymore!

For most smokers, nicotine feels amazing. It is what makes them come back to the cigarettes time and time again, and why they put up with smoke and tobacco at all. It is just that good! With South Beach Smoke e-cigs, there is no smoke, tobacco, or tar in anyway shape or form. When our smokeless cigarette is used, you will experience nicotine in a way unlike any other you have ever tried. The vapor is thick, and it hits your throat in a powerful, yet smooth way. The sensation is calming, and very much like an actual cigarette.

The most important part of an e-cig is the battery. Hands down, this key feature will make or break your smokeless nicotine experience. When you puff on it, you activate the battery. Which then is kicked into action, and sends a charge to the atomizer, powering it,  and it will then begin to heat up. This is what will then vaporize the nicotine, creating the smoking experience in mere seconds.

Fast forward several years since electronic smokes first hit the scene, and to newbies it can seem crazy how many brands there are out there! Even more daunting can be the task of finding the right brand in that mix!

While it is true that all e-cigarettes are not created equally, the way that they work is rather simple. The only way to get nicotine before the advent of e-cigs was by way of traditional cigarette. In order to have all the lovely effects of nicotine, the aroma and flavors, was with tobacco, and unfortunately the price was really heavy- both literally and figuratively. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect meeting in the middle, giving smokers and e-smokers the experience they crave, in a pure, convenient way.