Traditional tobacco cigarettes are a headache and a half. They create problems on a small, individual level, and expand into a global issue. They cause inconveniences in a multitude of ways, and being incredibly addictive, it can be an endless cycle or irritation. Electronic cigarettes are a fabulous way to lessen this, and most people who switch from smoking regular cigarettes feel such an overwhelming relief to be free from it. Here is a look at the many ways e-cigarettes are a solution to inconvenient tobacco.

Health: The most obvious reason, most smokers want to quit is because they want to be healthier. While quitting itself can be a huge source of anxiety, and be an inconvenience to tackle, when you use e-cigs as an alternative method, you are enabling yourself to harness control over the habit. While electronic cigarettes are not a valid method to quit by, they do offer freedom from tar, smoke, ash, and the hundreds of dangerous chemical fillers.

Freedom: No smoke = no second hand smoke! With e-smokes, you are pretty much free to vape where you wish, without having to be concerned with exposing those around you to second hand smoke. You can smoke indoors, in public, and in the air conditioned car with your best friend who utterly detests everything about cigarettes, without worrying or disturbing them.

Price: What smoker is not inconvenienced by the steadily rising, always expensive cost of cigarettes? Paying a huge price for something that can ultimately kill you is a waste in so many ways. Alternative cigarette users are always pleased by their savings, and how they no longer feel weighed down by the tobacco ball & chain. Monthly e-cig cartridge refills are significantly less than the cost of cigarette packs, and e-cig users find that they usually consume less nicotine with electronics because they do not feel coerced into smoking an entire cigarette each time they desire a few puffs.

On a Global Scale: Who has not encountered the pollution caused by cigarettes? Even with less and less people smoking these days, (many of whom now favor e-cigarettes!) I still find it rare to be in public places and not see cigarette butts on the floor. Quite disturbingly, they are often piled up around the floor of garbage cans, and in places like parks, forests, and at the beach where pollution seriously does not belong. E-cigarettes are not laden with dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals, and are not so easy to just toss to the ground with the flick of finger. Being reusable, they encourage users to be more proactive when it comes to recycling; even if it means just simply putting your garbage into a receptacle! And if you are lazy, they do require way less effort in getting to that trash compartment.