Why is Tobacco Smoke So Dangerous?

While this may seem like a self-explanatory question, cigarette smoke possesses a variety of different ways it is harmful. From the amount of chemicals that are laced into each cigarette, which then get inhaled into the lungs, and the effects smoke has once it has been released, smoke has the ability to strike first hand, second hand, and third hand. Here is a look at all the many sides of tobacco smoke, and why going smokeless is the best way to get your nicotine.

With tobacco, tar and smoke go hand in hand. Did you know that smoking a pack a day, after an entire year, will have deposited a quart of tar into your lungs? That is a frightening, and potentially deadly statistic. What’s even scarier is that it comes from smoke, and is residual. Therefore, every single cigarette that is smoked leaves behind quantity of tar, and this goes for the smoker as well as those exposed to their second hand smoke.

Smoke pollutes the air, indoors and outdoors. Obviously, in outdoor settings, the ventilation is usually enough to dissipate it, but indoors it’s a different story. Indoor air pollution has been linked to countless respiratory and health issues, and when you smoke cigarettes inside, it will put that pollution into overdrive! Second hand smoke kills just as easily as doing it firsthand, and the effects of third hand can really be overshadowed by it. Third hand smoke refers to the toxic effects of smoke and it’s byproduct, tar, lingering on things like your skin and hair. People who have switched to electronic cigarettes always notice how quickly their hair and skin become healthier.

Many people balk when they learn of the chemicals that cigarettes have in them. While it is totally old news, “chemicals” is a pretty good catch-all, and most people do not even know the extent of them. Ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, arsenic, butane are a mere scratch on the surface of the 4,000 toxins, many of which are known carcinogens. Ever hear of the toxic pesticide DDT? What about methane, also known as sewer gas as well as flatulence? Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and naphthalene (mothballs, you know, also carcinogenic) are some of the others, and just the mention of them will call to mind som pretty sickening thoughts.

It’s no wonder that tobacco cigarette smoke is so incredibly harmful when these are the types of things put into them. Nothing kills more humans than tobacco, and it’s really time for people to switch to e-cigarettes!