Benefits of Switching from Smoking to Vaping

South Beach Smoke Switching from Smoking to VapingIt’s no secret that millions of people have switched from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapor cigarettes with incredible success. It’s also no big surprise that most of those who have achieved success have been overwhelmingly happy with the results they received from using vapor. However, why is vapor so effective? Why are smokers enjoying the results of switching, and having greater experiences than they had with traditional cigarettes?

Here is a look at the whys: why vapor works, and why smokers love what it does.

Cessation Device it is Not

Traditional cessation devices are nothing like vapor cigarettes. Prescription drugs, patches, nicotine gum: none of these methods provide the same kind of similar action as vapor cigarettes, basically allowing smokers to enjoy a similar experience without the smoke. The habit goes farther than just tobacco and nicotine addiction; it’s a physical habit that involves taking a certain amount of designated time to actually smoke, using hand-to-mouth action. A nicotine patch does not require the same attention nor the same action.

Versatility in the Face of Rigidity

With vaping, the options are limitless: you choose among many thousands of flavors, a wide range of nicotine strengths, a variety of PG/ VG concentrations to get the right type of vapor. You decide what accessories will get incorporated into your vaping so that you can get that perfect custom fit. You choose among thousands of different devices, all of which can offer different types of experiences. Your choices are pretty infinite; whereas with smoking, they were extremely limited.


And then there is the freedom to consider. Smokers are used to hitting brick walls, as it has become practically illegal to smoke just about anywhere in public. Vaping, however, has more flexibility, and can be used in public without so much as a smell to offend anyone. That isn’t to say vape bans don’t exist, because they do, however, there is no denying it’s a different animal than traditional cigarettes. Vaping also does not require a continuous flame to light your cig, it does not require that you have a receptacle to toss your butts into constantly, and you have the simplicity and ease of a digital product in your pocket which can be taken out, used with minimal setup, and then put away with no extra work. Convenience is a major factor these days.

When it comes to why vapor is working for millions, it’s a no brainer: it offers way more and a much better experience than cigarettes can. Ready to make the switch? Check out our incredible selection of vapor products that can have you on your way to enjoying vapor in no time at all!