On the Run? Grab Some Disposables!

When you’re super busy, and you’ve got too much going on, it can seem like an absolute mission to get an e-smoke in! While they are more convenient and easier to use than traditional cigarettes, sometimes you need even more simplicity. In those cases, we cannot recommend our South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarettes enough!

Whether you smoke our standard line of e-cigarettes or are looking to try them for the first time, disposable e-cigarettes are a must-have for any e-smoker. For beginners, they are a great way to try e-cigarettes in a really simple way, with very little to do. They need no setup, they can be used right from the package, and they last about the length of two packs of traditional cigarettes.

For these very same reasons, they are perfect for regular e-smokers to keep on hand, especially for those instances where you just need the fastest thing possible. Being able to take it out and puff, with no setting up is really great for times when you’re on the go, have too much going on, and don’t have the time or ability to get to a charger.

Another great reason to keep e-cigarette disposables handy is because you just never know when you’re going to need them. Think about it: emergency situations, power outages when you can’t charge batteries, instances where you forget your e-cig or charger, the random case of losing your only e-cigarette; things happen! Keeping disposable electronic cigarettes in a safe place at home, at your desk at work, in your bag “”just in case.” They can help make life really easy when you just need a vape and are out of options.

When life gets busy, get some South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigs. They may turn out to be a lifesaver! You’ll thank us later!