Why Vaping is Better for Your Love Life (Than Smoking)

Has the fall air got you feeling frisky?

Whether you’re a current vaper or are considering making the switch, we thought we’d offer a little public service announcement on just another great reason vaping is the best course of action if you’re into inhaling nicotine. Your love life deserves the best, and by that we mean vapor smoking is the best course of action if you’re looking for love. Here’s why:

The Smell

Cigarette smoke smells awful, and it is certainly not the most mood-inducing aromatic aroma out there, if you know what I mean. Translation: for many, it is a major turnoff, and a great amount of nonsmokers have no interest in getting busy with smokers who smell like smoke. Switching to vapor takes care of this stinky issue; no smell about it!

The Options

With vaping, you have the option of vaping indoors without creating a problem for those who don’t want to be around your smoke. You can casually vape without disturbing anyone’s peace, and vapor will allow you to commingle with many more people without the label of “smoker.” 

What Smoking Says About You

Like it or not, smoking comes with its own connotations, and others will make judgements about you as a result. Smokers are seen as dirty, smelly, and wasteful; they can be seen as people who make poor choices because smoking is so unhealthy. They may be pinned as unhealthy because they smoke. While it may be unfair to have to live under such scrutiny, others are going to have their opinions, and plenty of people out there will not date a smoker.

The Long Term Ramifications

To those searching for a long term relationship or partner, smoking can be a big no-no because smokers spend more money than nonsmokers on their habit (obviously, and it’s an expensive habit), smokers tend to live shorter lives, and they tend to have more health issues to contend with. No bueno for long-term love. For many nonsmokers, it’s a conflict of interest and a matter of lifestyle differences. So, why close off potential partners when you could just switch to vaping? Not smelling like stale, musty tobacco and allowing yourself to no longer be labeled as a smoker can instantly make you more attractive, so we urge you to try the cleaner option of e-cigarettes. Your love life may very well benefit from it!