Why Vaping is making Smoking a Thing of the Past

Vaping is completely replacing smoking. Did you know that 1 in every 4 smokers has (at a minimum) tried an electronic cigarette device of some sort? E-smoking has become very well received by the smoking community, and for so many reasons. The tobacco industry has been bracing themselves for this vape-driven decline for some time now, and it really shows. Most smokers have no interest in heading back to smoke when they can have vapor, and vapor cig sales only continue to rise. Yes, vaping is a great thing, my friends!

Here are some of the many lovely reasons to choose vaping over smoke. We are pretty sure, once you try the digital version, the analogues will seem oh-so outdated!

  • -No lighters.
  • -No mess.
  • -So much more control.
  • -So many more options.
  • -So many types of devices to choose from.
  • -Vaping is much more convenient.
  • -No social stigma.
  • -No fire hazard.
  • -Use them in so many more places.
  • -No smell.
  • -Modern products fit in better with modern lifestyles.
  • -Vapor looks so incredible!
  • -Vaping is actually a fun hobby.
  • -Customizing a mod is rad!
  • -Vaping with a mod you’ve customized yourself is the bomb!
  • -Your parents/ elders/ distant family members stop harassing you to ditch the cigarettes.
  • -You can often use your vape on campus.
  • -Nightlife is way more fun when you can drink and vape at the same time, without dealing with smoke.
  • -Your friends don’t mind chilling in your car anymore, now that it doesn’t smell like stale smoke.
  • -There’s no tobacco!
  • -You no longer have to think about the effects of tobacco on your body, both short and long term.
  • -You never have to give another thought to all those chemicals cigarettes are laced with.
  • -Saving thousands of dollars every year, especially where you can see it on a weekly basis ain’t so bad.
  • -You don’t need to organize your daily life around smoking anymore. Freedom never felt so good.

So that’s quite a list, isn’t it? And that just scratches the surface, because every individual vaper will probably roll off another dozen or so benefits to vaping that are part of their personal experience and why it’s the best way to smoke for themselves, personally. If you’ve never tried vaping, let this be your motivation! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke, and everything to gain; including a much more enjoyable way to have what you crave!