Why Would Anyone Want 0 Nicotine Cartomizers?

If you are smoking electronic cigarettes, wouldn’t it seem nonsensical to have 0mg of nicotine? Why do it without the nicotine? Simple: sometimes nicotine is just isn’t called for. Some people want to enjoy everything about an e-cig and not have nicotine. For others, who have quit smoking, it allows them to enjoy the ability to smoke, enjoy the flavors, and the sensation of having a cigarette in hand, and be free of the negatives and the actual nicotine.

Many people who begin smoking electronically do so because they are fed up with all of the negative aspects associated with cigarettes and smoke. Often, especially after having heavy smoking tendencies, they start out with Full Flavored cartridges, for the maximum of 16mg of nicotine. With regular usage, most e-cigarette users find that they can control how much they vape because they aren’t smoking the equivalent of an entire cigarette every time they want to puff. Their appetite for nicotine begins to decrease pretty naturally, and they don’t have deal with those awful side effects of quitting cigarettes quickly. If you only need 12mg, why go higher? So most users then begin to decrease their nicotine gradually, to the point where 0mg cartomizers are just as satisfying as the full flavored ones were. Having the e-cigarette battery in hand simulates the action of smoking, and puffing with vapor recreates it almost exactly, whether you are using cartridges with nicotine or not. Many people find it just as satisfying, and a really amazing alternative. Unlike cigarettes, e-smokes provoke a positive cycle, and remove so many of smoke’s obstacles.

South Beach Smoke offers a fantastic array of flavors, especially now that five more were just introduced. We’ve always been loved for having exquisitely done e-cig flavor cartridges. And for those occasions you want strictly 0 nicotine, these flavors are sure to please your palate. Customers who have tried the new ones have been raving about them, and say they are the perfect complement to our original five.

So, what do you think? Would you be up for 0mg nicotine cartomizers in time, knowing all that delicious, yummy flavor is there?