Vaping can get lonely if you don’t have others to share in the love of vapor with. For those of you vapers who have friends/ siblings/ significant others/ coworkers/ neighbors/ parents (or whatever) in your life who also vape, consider yourselves lucky! If you find yourself among the vaping population who is on their own, and without others to commune with on this oh-so delightful culture and hobby, we suggest you get down with the vape fam on social media. Best starting point? South Beach Smoke’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hotspots.

Vaping has gotten so big, and so hot that users everywhere love chit-chatting about their current obsessions, fave devices, and exchanging info in this mind-blowing world wide community. Social media has really connected vapers everywhere, enabling you to get info, advice, and entertainment at a moment’s notice with others who are a part of the amazing movement that is vaping.

What we love about our own #VapeFam is that we love connecting with people over the concept of these amazing devices. The sense of community is really amazing, and it’s pretty darn wonderful knowing the reach we have. We love sharing the awesomeness that is vaping with the world, and being able to connect daily, even if for just a little humor, makes what we do that much more fantastic. Seeing our customers communicating with each other, sharing insight and info, chatting about the products, and exchanging perspectives, it really does add more purpose to what we do. In regular life it may sometimes be hard to come across others with the same passion for vapor cigs, but online it’s a whole other story. Being involved in this beautiful, international community kicks major ass.

Hey, flying solo is great. Not trying to say you need to stop, drop, and spend every free moment on social media, talking about vaping and spamming everyone with pics of your sick new vapes (no judgement!). However, if you want to learn some new #VapeTricks, dish on the best e-liquids (SBS, obvi), and learn the best ways to get the most power out of your battery, connect with like-minded peeps with our different social media channels!