Why Your Vape Juice Matters

E-juice is not all the same, and what you’ve got in yours can make a major difference in the performance of your device, your personal satisfaction level, and in terms of what actually goes into your body as a result of what’s contained in the liquid.

So here’s a quick rundown on why you need to go after quality e-liquids. You’ll thank us later!

Ingredients Matter

They really, really do. Our vape liquids are formulated under the strictest circumstances, in an FDA-registered lab, using USP grade Kosher ingredients, and are literally of “inhalation grade” quality. Our glycerin is sourced from soybeans, which means those with peanut allergies will not have to question its origins. That’s right; this is beyond the level of food grade, people; you’re not going to be eating these liquids, so “inhalation grade” is as good as it gets.

USA Made

While it may not matter to you where the majority of things you buy are manufactured, because e-liquids are put into your body, you should definitely take notice of where they come from. USA is the best in this case, especially if you are located in the US. In addition to shorter ship times, you know your juice will never be sitting in customs for an indeterminate amount of time. They’re fresher and made under stricter circumstances. Also noteworthy: our e-liquids are manufactured under cGMP operation standards, the highest standards of production and every bottle is stamped with a lot number so its origins can be traced.


Like any good relationship, a lot comes down to trust. With e-liquids, you’ve got to trust the brand you’re buying from because there are a lot of shady companies out there. Not trying to get you all paranoid, but always buy from brands you know have solid reputations and are known for what they are doing. Credibility goes a long way, and since you’re putting e-juice into your body, make sure you have some background info on where they’re coming from. Guys in their parents’ garages making juices and selling them online… just steer clear of them.