Winter Getaway? Bring those e-cigs!

Winter getaways are the perfect way to end those winter blues! Whether you escape the cold for some fun in the sun someplace tropical or you head to a winter wonderland where you can revel in the fresh powder, make your trip even more relaxing and rejuvenating than with your vape pen or e-cig!

Traveling and vaping were made for each other. Getting out of town can be joyous, it can be stressful, blissful, exciting, exhilarating, frustrating… and any of these situations calls for nicotine. Whether you’re chilling in the hot tub gazing out at snow covered mountains, or are lounging back in the sand at the beach; make the scene even more delectable with your electronic cigaret device.

When traveling to your winter getaway, we suggest packing your e-cigarette gear in your carry-on luggage. This way, you will always know it’s safe, and if you need to have your items inspected, you’ll be right there to observe. If your items are checked, they may be subjected to searches and possible discarding. Don’t take the chance!

Other important things to keep in mind for packing are to remember to pack extras of everything: cartridges, liquids, batteries, an extra charger or 2. If you use a PCC, bringing it along would be smart because an outlet that goes anywhere is always useful. Also, because it is winter and snowstorms and arctic blasts can mess with anyone’s travel plans, so being prepared and having extras “just in case” you don’t get home exactly when you plan to, can guarantee some stress relief!

So, if the winter blues have set in and you’ll be getting on the road for some much needed escapism, be it hitting the slopes for some snowboarding, or straight up frollicking on a warm, sunny beach, let your vaping help you unwind. Electronic cigarettes really are the best travel companion!