Wishing all in the Path of Hurricane Matthew Safety!

This is a shout out to all of those who are still in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We hope you are all doing your best to prepare, safeguard, and stay secure during the storm which is currently thrashing its way up the Eastern Seaboard. We hope you’ve done your best to gather all your necessities, and to protect your homes and property the best to your abilities. And, of course, if you vape, we hope you’ve done all you can to prepare your stash of vape gear, e-liquids, and access to power for the days ahead.

While the storm was initially expected to lay down one serious beating on us here in South Florida, we managed to luckily dodge a bullet. However, the same fate cannot be expected everywhere else, and we really hope everyone who is in the projected path of this monstrous storm does their best to either get out of its way, or do their best to stay safe. Though the category 3 storm is bearing down on Jacksonville, it’s expected to continue cruising up the coast and putting a hit on Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina before doing a projected swoop in the Atlantic and possibly heading for land (Florida) again. So right now is as prime of a time as any to think about storm preparation, and securing everything you need to make sure that through it all, you will have all things necessary to vape to your heart’s content.

By all means, ensuring you’ve got enough food, water, and booze for a period of at least 10 days, along with all other necessities should be your top priority, however if you vape, you probably want to make sure you plan accordingly for vapor as well. Make sure you’ve got a few extra vape batteries, all charged up and ready to go. You should have at least 10 days worth of e-liquid to last you, however having extra won’t be a bad idea. Have a few extra chargers on hand, and some essential accessories would also be useful. A car charger adapter can really come in handy if you lose power, because you will be able to charge up at least through your car. A vape lanyard would also be great because if the situation gets sticky, wearing your vape pen around your neck can be practical it’ll be hard to lose and ready for you whenever you need a refreshing puff of vapor.

So, be safe, people! We hope the best for all, and we are sending positive thoughts to all in the path of this crazy, scary storm! May the damage be minor, and no lives lost; hunker down, folks!